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 we have always adhered to honesty and concentration to de  liver health and fresh, providing millions of families with     safe and delicious fruit.

Yogo has branches and distribution centers in more than 10 cities including Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Shantou, Jiaxing, Zhangzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Longyan and zibo. It not only has first and secondary market access, but also owns a fast growing E-commencer platform plus supermarkets cooperation with Walmart, Younghui. Wide presence and professional team enables Yogo to provide comprehensive service in fruit supply chain. Maintaining superior quality and sustainable business relationship with every customer and partner is the essence of Yogo.


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According to the port inspection and quarantine bureau recently issued in 2015 in shandong province shandong fruit of imports

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Guangdong Yogo Agriculure Investment Co.,Ltd


Based on Founder’s 30 years industry experience, established in 2014, Guangdong Yogo Agriculture Investment Co., Ltd. is a fruit full-industry chain group company. Our mission is “to provide healthy and delicious fruit for human beings”.  
The Group's business is divided into three major sections: Trade section, Thailand section and Xinjiang section.